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Organic Color Systems Salon Packages

Experience the latest advanced organic formulation technology.

  • No Ammonia, or Ammonia Derivatives
  • No Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde Derivatives
  • No Diamine Toluenes or any other PTD’s
  • No Plastics (Plastics Free Styling)
  • No Sodium Laurel Sulphates (SLS)
  • No Thioglycolates or Parabens
  • Full spectrum of bio-balanced vitamins & plant extracts
  • Packed with certified organic ingredients
  • Rich in anti-oxidants, and nutrients


Get Your Organic Color Systems Starter Package Now – 100% Risk-FREE!

Order either Organic Color Systems complete starter packages and try then for 30 days risk-FREE. If you’re not completely satisfied then we’ll provide you with a full refund for the entire package! Read details about our 100% risk-FREE guarantee by clicking here.

Innovator Package – 40% Discount


The Innovator Package is the Organic Color Systems FULL RANGE, plus a few extras. Designed for the salon who wants to “take it to the next level” this package offers everything you need to accommodate a high volume color business.  Lead the way by changing your salon for the better with Organic Color Systems!

64 Colors(5.2 oz, 3-4 Heads Each):
Natural: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10
Double N: 4NN, 5NN, 6NN, 7NN, & 8NN
Gold: 4GD,5GD, 6GD, 7GD, 8GD, 9GD, & 10GD
Mahogany: 4MH, 5MH, 7MH
Copper Red: 4CR, 5CR, 6CR, 7CR, & 8CR
Ash: 4AH, 5AH, 6AH, 7AH, 8AH & 10AH
Full Spectrum: 4MO Mocha, 6TO Toffee, 8CA Caramel
Fiery Red: 4FR, 5FR, 7FR, & 8FR
Red Copper: 5RC, 6RC, & 7RC
Bright Copper: 6BC, 7BC, & 8BC
HighLift: 11HA, 11HN, & 11HS
Ashes: LAXH Light Ash, & DAXH Dark Ash
Concentrates: Red, Silver, Gold, Grey, Violet, Blue
Brighteners: XBO Orange, XBR Red, XBV Violet, XBY Yellow

10 Vol(3%), 20 Vol(6%), 30 Vol(9%)
5 Vol(0%), 10 Vol(3%), 20 Vol(6%), 30 Vol(9%), 40 Vol(12%)
2 each of 10 Vol(3%), 20Vol(6%), 30 Vol(9%)

Naturlite Lightening Powder

150ml Aqua Boost Treatment

900ml Clarifying Shampoo & pump
200ml Hydrate Leave-in Conditioner
250ml Finale Hairspray

200ml Volume Mousse
FREE accessories including a Training DVD, Color Swatch Chart, Tech Manual, Reference Materials, 2 Posters, Promotional Material and More!

Discovery Package – 20% Discount


The Discovery Package includes 14 shades and 7 activators from the amazing Organic Color Systems color line, plus a color swatch chart, training materials and extras! It gives you enough color to test on a variety of clients to see what it can do for the health of your salon business, your clients and yourself!  Ask us how you can customize this package to suit your specific needs!

14 COLORS: (5.2 oz, 3-4 Heads Each)
Natural: 5, 7, 10
Double N: 4NN, 6NN, 8NN
Gold: 5GD
Mahogany: 4MH
Copper Red: 6CR
Ash: 7AH
Full Spectrum: 4MO Mocha
Fiery Red: 5FR
Red Copper: 6RC
HighLift: 11HS Silver

OCS: 10 Vol(3%), 20 Vol(6%), 30 Vol(9%), Hairmonics: 20 Vol(6%)

NATURLITE CREAM ACTIVATORS: 10Vol(3%), 20Vol(6%), 40 Vol(12%)

NATURLITE LIGHTENER: Naturlite Lightening Powder

ORGANIC CONNECT: 900ml Clarifying Shampoo & pump

FREE accessories including a Training DVD, Color Swatch Chart, Tech Manual, Reference Materials, 2 Posters and More!

Changing salons…for the better!

• True to color chart results
• Semi, demi or permanent results
• Up to 3 levels of lift with color
• Up to 7 levels of lift with lightener
• Superior and absolute grey coverage
• 100% certified organic ingredients
• Rich with natural plant extracts & nutrients
• Powerful anti-oxidants & amino acids
• Cleaner blondes
• Beautiful reds that fade on tone
• Longer lasting tonal values
• 65 intermixable colors, Concentrates, & Brighteners

Organic Salon Systems is the ONLY true-to-chart, ammonia-free, professional-only, permanent, salon exclusive hair color with 100% certified organic ingredients, natural plant extracts, amino acids, natural anti-oxidants and nutrients that produce the healthiest, richest, colors imaginable.

With 65 intermixable color, concentrates, and brighteners; 9 specially formulated intermixable activators of multiple consistencies made only with pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide, a wide range of completely Plastic-Free organic styling products, and an SLS Free hair care line which is rich with certified organic ingredients; Organic Color Systems TRULY LETS YOUR UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY IN A HEALTHY WAY.


Join the Revolution – The Organic Salon Business Environment

Organic Color Systems is not just another hair color product, it is a revolutionary approach to the salon business. With Organic Color Systems, you are empowered to use your creativity to bring health and beauty into your clients life. Your clients no longer have to feel guilty about looking beautiful. With Organic Color Systems, they can feel good about looking great!

As important as the health and beauty benefits of Organic Color Systems, your salon will be lifted into a whole new level of business success as you tap into the power of the growing organic, health, and wellness movement.

Organic Salon Business Trends

• The organic salon segment has been growing at 16.7% year-over-year for the last three years while the broader salon sector has been contracting by 2%.
• The organic beauty industry has been growing at a shocking average rate of 15% for the last 15 years.
• Although 78% of U.S. adults said they would prefer, and pay a reasonable premium for, organic or natural beauty products3; only 15% of the market caters to this niche.

Organic Salons can be More Profitable

• On average, salons charge between 12% and 16% more for organic services than traditional services
• On average, product costs represent less than 10% of overall service fees
• Organic treatments typically enable clients to get treated more frequently (e.g. grey re-growth)
• Advertising spend is reduced significantly by the stronger tendency for clients to refer others and the ease of addressing a targeted audience rather than the broader public
• Clients are much more eager to visit the salon more often if scalp irritation, toxic fumes, and other un-pleasantries are avoided

Organic Salon Client Characteristics

• Loyal to their Salons – dutifully devoted to salons that they share common values, beliefs, and a shared “ethos” with
• Less Price Sensitive – understand and accept that organic products and services come at a premium and appreciate the value of them
• More Focused on Salon Experience – they want to feel good about looking great
• Exceedingly Product Focused – ingredients matter
• Easily Addressed – gravitate towards community activism
• Active Client Referrers – Fiercely committed to helping and enlightening others through referrals to healthier alternatives
• Tend to be significantly more educated, influential, and affluent than the general population
• Extremely socially conscious and environmentally responsible
• Prefer small local salons over national chains or conglomerates

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