Resistant Gray Hair

More than 1/3 of all Americans uses hair color with most hoping to cover their gray hair. Salons with knowledge of which products work best, and how to use them effectively will be successful in servicing our graying population.  Resistent gray hair is generally considered as that gray hair that is coarse, sometimes premature or near the client’s template, and is somewhat resistent to hair color because the coarse texture makes it more difficult for the hair dye to penetrate the cuticle. Resistent gray hair will have a tendency to resists dyes, take longer to absorb color, and fade sooner.

Organic Color Systems’ is uniquely formulated to provide exceptional gray coverage without fadage. The proprietary combination of organic extracts, natural oils, and other certified organic ingredients allow the product to soften and swell the cuticle thereby gently opening when heat is applied to accept pigment. When the heat is removed, the hair shaft will contract down to its natural size with a healthy, undamaged cuticle. This ammonia-free process is revolutionary and preserves the structural integrity of the hair.

Further, the color is deeper, richer, and much more maintainable as Organic Color Systems does not damage the tyrosine in the hair. Tyrosine is the natural amino acid critical in the production of melanin responsible for determining the base color in the hair. Damaging Tyrosine, which all other colors do, will make the clients hair more resistent during future color applications.

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