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The professional salon industry is among the worst polluters in the modern industrialized world depositing billions of plastic shampoo bottles in landfills every month. Organic Salon Systems is partnering with select salons in North America who are serious about the environment and truly Eco-Friendly to launch the new Tree in a Bottle packaging.

Introducing the world’s first and only line of professional-only salon products that are packaged using Organic Salon Systems’ patented biodegradable plastic made of fruit and vegetable cellulose. Each bottle is infused with a select tree-seed so that when the bottle is planted after use, it will grow a tree rather than pollute our planet.


Revolutionary Tree in a Bottle Packaging

quote openThe Eco-Salon movement has never before encountered such a revolutionary concept. This will not only change the salon business, but has the potential of chquote closeanging our world.Organic Salon System has not only acknowledged the substantial burden the beauty system stressed our environment with (over 90% of the non-biodegradable plastics clogging up landfills is comprised of plastics from shampoos, conditioners, soda, and water bottles), but we have also done something to change it. Introducing the world’s first and only plantable bottles that each grow a tree!

Each tree-in-the-bottle bottle comes pre-loaded with a select tree seed, but can easily be changed for a tree seed of the salon owner’s choosing by the salon owner. This enables the salon owner to select a tree seed specifically suited to their salon’s taste or region.

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Organic Salon Systems’ internationally patented “Tree in the bottle” is made by fruit, plant, and vegetable waste processed into a plastic-like starch through fermenting, dehydrating and polymerizing the natural waste products. The internationally patented process is certified by four major International Biodegradable Associations and exclusively licensed in North America by Organic Salon Systems.

  • European Union, AIB-Vincotte Group, OK Compost Certification
  • United States of America Biodegradable Product Institute, Compostable Certification
  • German IBAW Din Certification
  • Japan BPS Green Certification

O’right devotes itself to eco-line, reduces carbon emissions and insists on using certified organic ingredients, soy ink printing and recycled paper to ensure a sustainable good life for our future generations.

eco hair products


Eco Hair Care Botanicals

Green Tea Botanicals – Refreshing, Pleasant, Antioxidant

With green tea extract and mild certified organic foaming agents, this shampoo prevents oxidation resulting from chemical treatments and promotes hair and scalp condition. The exclusive refreshing formula relaxes your scalp and soothes tension.

Tea Tree Botanicals – Healthy, Pleasant, Antibacterial

With Australian’s pure tea tree oil and mild certified organic foaming agents, this shampoo smoothes hair, freshens scalp and has an antiseptic effect to make your scalp stay away from dandruff and itching. Leaves your hair healthy, vivid and full of energy.

Champagne Rose Color Care Botanicals – Optimum Nutrition for Color Treated Hair

With selected champagne rose essential oil and botanic color care formula, this shampoo gently cleanses hair, preserves hair color and radiance, leaves color treated hair elastic and shiny. The enchanting rose scent also makes you feel pleasant all day long.

Purple Rose Botanicals – Rich, Moisturizing, Revitalizing

With natural essence, elegant and attractive scents, this shampoo gives your hair long lasting and intensive moisture to prevent tangles, split-ends and frizz. Makes your hair soft, smooth and glossy.

Oolong Green Tea Botanicals – Soft, Moisturizing, Rejuvinating

Pure oolong green tea formula comforts your scalp and moisturizes your hair. The anti-oxidation effect of catechin protects hair from harm and brings your hair healthy and soft.

Camellia Botanicals – Light, Oil Control, Burden Free

With effective sebum regulating properties derived from Camellia, Intelligent Oil-Control Factors and certified organic foaming agents. This shampoo cleanses the excess oil of scalp and moisturizes hair, leaves your fresh and healthy hair.

Dandelion Kids Botanicals – Youthful, Pure, Gentle

Hypoallergenic and tear-free formula. With certified organic foaming agents, Dandelion Kids Shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp, leaves kids pure, flawless and flowing hair.

Ice Mens Botanicals – Cool, Invigorating, Refreshing

Cooling formula and mild certified organic foaming agents effectively remove excess oil, cleanse hair, tighten and waken scalp. This shampoo promotes cooling sensation and leaves scalp refreshing with cool and healthy feel.

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Truly Environmentally Friendly Products, From Materials, Ingredients, Designs, Activities to Experiences.

  • Use natural & certified organic ingredients: it does not cause environmental hormones but leaves an unpolluted environment to aquatic.
  • Use Soy Ink printing: Non-heavy metal, non-toxic, non-irritating smell and non-pollution.
    Use recycled paper: We use certified ecology paper to make catalogues.
  • Use recyclable plastic bottles: Recycle, reduce, and reuse.
  • Eco-carton with Green Mark: 80% made of recycled paper.
  • Product Label: Safe and non-toxic sticker with eco printing which comply with SGS and RoHS standards.
  • Use airbags to protect our goods while shipping: Reusable and recyclable.
  • Use reverse osmosis water filtration and operate under a germfree environment: Substitute the use of large amount of preservatives.
  • Barcode systems: Each product is given two barcodes, complete traceability system to ensure quality control.
  • Green Design: Developed 10L, 5L eco-packages and 1L refill pack to save 120,000 pcs of 400ml plastic bottle yearly.
  • FREN Eco-Handbag: 100% Polypropylene Fiber, degradable without pollution.

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