PPD and PTD Free

With No Limits you can color your hair without PPD or PTD!

PPD also known as Para-Phenylenediamine and PTD or Paratoluenediamine are aniline dyes that are commonly used in hair color pigments and are derived from petroleum products. In large concentrations they have been known to cause allergic reactions in some people that can result is skin, eye and bronchial irritations. This allergy can prevent people from getting their hair colored. The No Limits range contains neither of these dyes and is a welcomed alternative to traditional hair color. No Limits is also formulated without ammonia and also includes Soil Association certified organic ingredients. These products also contain no animal products, have not been tested on animals and have even been certified “Cruelty Free” by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

All of our No Limits colors are 100% PPD, PTD and ammonia free but rich in anti-oxidants, certified organic ingredients and other nutrients.

Brighten Your Color With Our Proprietary Brightening Pigments

No Limits are semi-permanent hair colors that come in a 150 ml bottle with an easy to dispense pump. The colors can be applied as an in-salon service or they can be sold as a retail product for your clientele to purchase and use at home in between salon visits.

No Limits shades typically last between 6 to 12 washes and color results may vary depending on the natural or serviced hair color. For a brighter effect, apply the color to pre-lightened hair.

Finally there is an organic and hypoallergenic way to color hair with Organic Color Systems No Limits.

Organic Color Systems No Limits

No Limits Natural Black

Get ravenous blacks with our No Limits Natural Black.

No Limits Dark Brown

No Limits Dark Brown is perfect for creating a beautiful deep brunette.

No Limits Chestnut Brown

No Limits Chestnut Brown is ideal for achieving a rich woody tone.

No LImits Golden Blonde

No Limits Golden Blonde can be used to add a golden shade and when used on pre-lightened hair it has a more blonde effect.

No Limits Orange

Get bright orange tones with our No Limits Orange. Get more vibrance on pre-lightened hair.

No Limits Red

No Limits Red is perfect for creating a blazing deep red tone. Get brighter results on pre-lightened hair.

No Limits Violet

No Limits Violet is ideal for achieving a rich purple effect. Use on pre-lightened hair for funky violet fashion results.

No LImits Yellow

No Limits Yellow can be used to add a golden warmth to natural base colors and when used on pre-lightened hair it will produce a fiery bright yellow.

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